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A gracious expression in a classic combination of red and white, featuring the heartfelt word "Gracias." This compact gem, measuring 2.17 inches x 1.38 inches, serves as a stylish nod to gratitude and appreciation.

The oval shape, known for its timeless appeal, provides an elegant backdrop for the vivid red letters against a clean white canvas. The choice of red for the letters infuses the sign with warmth and emotion, turning the word "Gracias" into a visual representation of gratitude. The overall design strikes a balance between simplicity and impact, making it a thoughtful addition to spaces where appreciation is celebrated.

Perfectly suited for kitchens, offices, or areas where gratitude takes center stage, this petite sign is a charming reminder to acknowledge and express thanks. Its unobtrusive size ensures it can find a place in any nook, adding a touch of sincerity and style.

Size: Approx. 5.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 2.17 inches x 1.38 inches.

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