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The Minneola Co.



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This compact sign boasts a rich red background, symbolizing passion and emotion, adorned with crisp white letters that spell out the evocative word "Saudade."

Capturing the essence of deep longing and cherished memories, this sign is more than decor—it's a visual expression of a profound emotional state. Perfect for small spaces or personal areas, it invites you to embrace the bittersweet mix of love, yearning, and nostalgia that "Saudade" encapsulates.

Let this distinctive design and powerful word become a poignant addition to your home or workspace, infusing your surroundings with the richness of Portuguese and Brazilian cultural sentiments. Explore the depths of emotion with our Saudade Metal Sign—a captivating blend of style and heartfelt expression.


Size: 10 centimeters x 5 centimeters, approximately 3.95 inches x 1.97 inches

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